The perks of having a winter wedding in Clearwater, Florida

If the timing wasn’t right for you to become a June bride (or groom) – whether it was life or the heat and humidity getting in the way of having your dream wedding in Clearwater – a winter wedding is an excellent alternative. Here are some great things about winter weddings in the Clearwater, FL area:

Milder weather: While it still gets (our version of) chilly in Florida during the winter months, it’s nothing compared to winters up north. The average high doesn’t go below 60 degrees during the day, so no sweating in your glad rags. It also isn’t as humid so frizzy hair won’t be a concern like it would be in June. It can get cold at night, though.  If you have your wedding outdoors, venues like Honeymoon Island and Sand Key can provide heaters.

Earlier sunsets: During the summer, the sun sets around 8 p.m., but it gets dark here by 6 p.m. in the winter months.  If you have an outdoor ceremony around 5 pm, you can have a gorgeous sunset as your backdrop! The Point at Bon Appetit, for example, has an excellent view of beautiful St. Joseph Sound when the sun sets.

Sand instead of snow: The only white thing you’ll see on the ground here is sand. The North Beach at Honeymoon Island has been renourished and is a perfect, sandy spot to get married. Snow can keep you inside, but the sandy beaches beg you to go outside.

If we’ve convinced you, go ahead and schedule a tour at any of our venues to begin planning your Clearwater winter wedding. Baby it’s great outside!