Take a Seat – Seating Arrangements with Personality

Assigning seats for your wedding but don’t want to just number the tables? Try something a little more unique!


Have a wedding theme? Incorporate it into your seating arrangements. In the past, we’ve had brides mark their tables using different beach wares such as shells and starfish.


Place pictures from big events in your lives: baby pictures, first day of school, high school and college graduation, etc. These images work as a conversation starter and help guests from the other side learn a little more about either the bride or groom. Another version of this involves generations – wedding photos of great-grandparents, grandparents, and parents.


You could also categorize your tables using the interests and hobbies of the bride and groom. Although this may end up being very casual and eclectic, it is a way to get to express the personality of the bride and groom.


Pick trivia categories and place cards at the table. This acts as an icebreaker and is a fun activity throughout the evening. Each table can be a different category about the bride and groom such as childhood, college years, hobbies and interests, their relationship, etc. Once dinner is done, guests can move from table to table to see how much they know about the newlyweds.

Each of these ideas can be used in addition to or in place of table centerpieces and go a long way towards personalizing your wedding reception. See more wedding ideas on our Pinterest.

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