The guestbook is a wonderful reminder of who helped make your wedding day special. It can come in many forms – from the traditional to the creative. Here are six ideas for those looking to forgo the traditional book.


From Far and Wide
Use a globe or map as your guestbook to highlight the travels and travel suggestions of your guests.


Caught in the Moment
With the increased popularity of photo booths at weddings, a photo-centric book could be the way to go! Don’t want to spring for a full photo booth? Purchase a self-developing camera instead.


Puzzle it Out
Have one of your engagement photos turned into a personalized puzzle. Guests sign the back of the pieces. After the wedding, you can put the puzzle together and have it sealed so that it’s an image. Or, keep it as a puzzle and pull it out every year on your anniversary to re-read!


Would a nature-themed guest book better fit your theme? Smooth river stones can be purchased at most craft stores and are easy to write on with a fine-tip permanent marker. Later they can be put in a vase and displayed in your home.


Bottled Up
Get a bottle (or two – it really depends on how many guests you are expecting) of each kind of wine served at your wedding and have your guests sign them. You can later drink them on your anniversary and the bottles can be kept and used as vases.

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