Dress Shopping…

This is the day you have been waiting for, time to go look for your wedding dress!!
It’s always a good idea to take some time and check those bridal magazines to get an idea on what you might like. Check on line with some of the boutiques you are looking at and see what they have, are they in your price range, is it extra for alterations, who is going with you, it’s not like you see on TV, most places will limit the number of people you can bring. Make sure to bring the people that are near and dear to you. Before you go for your first outing, decide what your budget will be for the dress. Now does that budget include…..undergarments, shoes, headpiece and jewelry??? If it does, you may want to take a little off the top of your budget so as you don’t go over. One big question to ask no matter where you go for your dress is, ARE ALTERATIONS INCLUDED IN THIS PRICE!

Here are just a few Do’s and Don’ts for going dress shopping…


  • Find the best dress for your silhouette
  • Take pictures (be sure to check if it’s allowed)
  • Go buy yourself a new bra, this will be the one you are wearing on your wedding day, so make sure you get fitted properly. You don’t want to be trying on these beautiful dresses with that same bra you wear every day.
  • Treat yourself to new bra and panties!
  • Try on as many as you need, but not too many. Find a salon that carries your top three designers and start there.
  • Bring a shoe with a heel close to what you will wear on your wedding day.
  • Keep in mind where the wedding will take place. Are you going to want a long sleeve dress if your wedding is on the beach in July?


  • Don’t forget about the entire dress. You have to like the top, bottom, back and sides.
  • Don’t pick one that’s trendy now. If you are getting married a year or more down the line, you may not feel the same then.
  • Don’t freak out about size, this is common that dresses come in a basic size. Hence is why you have to shop early enough, most times they need to be ordered.
  • Don’t hate the dress by the way it looks on the hanger, try it on, you never know this might just be the one.

Do you have someone in the family who wants you to wear there dress? Or maybe you just want to have a little sentimental something to remind you of someone who is no longer with you. Think about having a swatch of something that belongs to that person sewn in the dress. Or maybe your Grandmother had a special piece of jewelry she wore all the time; you can incorporate that into your dress or bouquet. It could even be something from a Godparent or Grandfather.

Photo Credit: Livingston Galleries