DIY Wedding Centerpieces


Picking a centerpiece that fits the theme of the wedding, the personality of the couple, and their budget can seem like a daunting task. One cost-effective option is always to make your own! These centerpieces are all DIY, beach themed options for your wedding on the water!

This colorful option will pop against an otherwise neutral pallet. This could easily be done to match any wedding color. The vases can always be used afterward to decorate your home – or that of whichever guest gets to take it with them!


Although not necessarily beach themed, this hot air balloon centerpiece is an airy and unique option. Using helium-filled balloons, bouquets, and netting combine to create a whimsical centerpiece. Consider putting a cracked glow stick in the balloons so that they double as mood lighting!


Sometimes, simple is best. Try this option to showcase petals from your wedding flowers and sand from a nearby beach (like Sand Key or Honeymoon Island). Garnish with shells that you found there!


These pin wheels are a sweet centerpiece idea for an outdoor wedding. Guests young and old alike will enjoy playing with them in the wind. Use papers with different patterns and colors to make them look like flowers. They are also a great keepsake for your guests.


This is an elegant, neutral centerpiece solution. Put fake pearls (available at most craft stores), local sand, and a candle in the votive together for table ambiance.


These bright, fresh centerpieces not only look beautiful but also give off a citrusy scent. Slice lemons (or any other citrus fruit you’d like such as grapefruit) and put them in the vase with flowers and water to keep them from wilting throughout the day.

What’s the most unique centerpiece idea that you’ve seen? Want to know more about planning a wedding on the water in sunny Florida? Like our locations on Facebook to learn more and to join the conversation!
Sand Key
Honeymoon Island
Bon Appetit