5 Fun Ways to Make Your Florida Beach Reception Stand Out

Beach weddings are popular because they are so versatile. As a bride, you can create a low-key party-style wedding or go all out with an elegant, lavish reception. Either way, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a great time.

Here are 5 of our favorite fun ways to make your Florida beach reception stand out…

1. Juice bar and infused water station with fruit

Whether you’re getting married here in the Clearwater area or any other warm destination, adding a juice bar or fruit infused water station is always a good idea. It will ensure your guests stay hydrated and refreshed; the perfect combination for dancing the day or night away.


Photo via OurOrganicWedding.com

2. Garden Games

Not all guests like to dance, so keep them entertained by adding different activities. This past spring, one of our brides decided to have a corn hole game stationed just outside the reception area and it was a huge hit with her guests. Other game options include croquet, giant Jenga or giant tic-tac-toe – such a fun idea.





3. Citrus Centerpieces

The sunshine state is home to a wonderful selection of vibrant citrus: lemons, limes, and most famously, oranges. They are excellent ways to add pops of color to your centerpieces without going overboard on florals. At the end of the event, you can even send people home with some fresh fruit!


Beautiful, Modern Citrus Centerpiece for Beach Weddings

Photo via Pinterest

4. Ice Cream or S’mores Bar

Florida’s best-selling point (in our humble opinion), is its endless summer weather. What goes best with summer? Ice cream! Oh, and let’s not forget a bonfire favorite, s’mores. By adding a specialty dessert bar to your reception, we guarantee your guests will be delightfully surprised.


Photo via SomethingTurquoise.com

5. Insect Repellent Favors

We’ve seen our fair share of wedding favors over the years and we can tell you with confidence, guests appreciate practical party favors the most. If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception, not just in Florida, but anywhere, there is nothing more practical than insect repellent. No one likes to be bothered by pests, but guests typically don’t think to bring their own insect repellent. Offering this as your wedding favor will make you a straight up hero if pesky insects decide to crash your wedding. You can even put them together DIY style, just follow this awesome step-by-step guide.

DIY Bug Spray Wedding Favors for Clearwater Beach Weddings

Photo Credit via Evermine.com

Aren’t these ideas awesome? They are just a few of our favorite suggestions, but with a beach wedding, the sky is the limit. What would you add to your beach reception to make it stand out?